Sam Hill is a small metroidvania game originally made in one month for the Metroidvania Month 20 game jam and developed with the TIC-80 fantasy computer. The themes we chose for the original game jam were 'cozy' and 'hell'.

This is both my first time making a video game and my first time programming. I plan to continue development into the Super Metroidvania Month 20 game jam.

I'd like to give a huge thanks to Wizbird for making the art for this game; it looks great and it saved me a lot of time. :)

Programming by Tech3599 (Project Lead)

Art by Wizbird

Music by dinkst


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Sam_Hill-v1.0.2-win.exe 4 MB
Sam_Hill-v1.0.2-winxp.exe 3 MB
Sam_Hill-v1.0.2-linux 4 MB
Sam_Hill-v1.0.2-mac 4 MB
Sam_Hill-v1.0.2-rpi 7 MB
Sam_Hill-tiles.png 2 kB
Sam_Hill-sprites.png 789 bytes
Sam_Hill-v1.0.2-track_3.wav 15 MB
Sam_Hill-v1.0.2.tic 61 kB

Development log


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i dont know what it is but at that very point where in need to run and glide, it jsut isnt possible!
like i can run by holding z but in that certain area up button then doesnt do anything.
or jump but then pressing and holding z doesnt do anything if i havent landed yet.

i dont know what that is

after closer examination, it seems like when pressing z, right and up  arrow together, the left arrow jsut isnt registered.

in contrast z+right+up does work.

only z+left+up doesnt work together.

ages ago i read about some keyboard electronics where some keys cant be used together cause they are on thesame electric line or soemthing, mayb its that.

i have a german qwertz keyboard, for reference


That's super weird, but I am familiar with that general problem with some keyboards. I don't know if that's something I can fix with a technical solution. However, it is possible to rebind the keys with TIC-80's built-in options menu, so perhaps I should add a note about that in-game.

Also, I am planning to make the game less platformer focused and more story driven, so the problem may just go away then? :)

I dont mind the platformer part,  I like metroidvanias in general.
The keyboard thing wasnt too much of an issue,
only the one place I mentioned was a bit challenging due to it.
but everything else was easily possible

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Loved your game! Got to the "True End". Great job:)

Very nice, I like how the movement techniques complement each other.

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solid! Player movement feels good. Just need to add branching and interconnecting paths to give it a less linear feel, maybe some other rewards for exploration, some cool art in individual rooms, and u got a great MV!


Thanks. I made sure to try to perfect the player movement before moving on to anything else. I plan to add a lot more stuff for the Super Metroidvania Month 20 game jam; I just had to rush a bit to add and polish the levels I do have before the deadline for the Metroidvania Month 20 game jam. :)

sweet, I'll definitely play again after that jam





I got the true ending! :-}

I cannot beat this, jumping while running left (z←↑) does not work (works when running right).

I changed the layout of the room in which I believe you were having problems. The long jump should be easier now. Please try it again and let us know if you have any other problems.

Reached true end, thanks!

i went ahead and reassigned keys in main menu to avoid this :-)